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Zombie Gunship Reality lets you become an AC-130 with Google's new 3D tech

Zombie Gunship Reality, an upcoming game from developer Limbic Software, will turn Android devices into gunships with the help of Google's new Project Tango hardware.

As you can see in the trailers above and below, players will twist, turn, push and pull their phones and tablets to control Zombie Gunship Reality. Using the 3D positioning technology in Project Tango hardware, which allows devices to calculate precise positions, players serve as an AC-130 gunship, taking out zombies and protecting survivors from the air.

"We believe this technology draws players into the world of our games like never before," said Limbic CEO Arash Keshmirian. "Zombie Gunship Reality shows the power of this technology to expand what 'mobile gaming' really means. Players can use their movement and position in the real world to explore a virtual environment in a unique way."

Zombie Gunship Reality, an offshoot of Limbic's $0.99 first-person shooter Zombie Gunship, is scheduled for a fall 2014 release at an undetermined price. You can check out some pure gameplay in the video below.

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