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Thomas Was Alone's Benjamin’s Flight DLC hits Windows PC, Linux, Mac for free

Benjamin's Flight, the former Playstation-exclusive add on episode for Thomas Was Alone, is now available for free on Windows PC, Mac and Linux for owners of the game.

Steam users can access the new content via the scenario select screen for any Steam copy of Thomas Was Alone. The episode features a new script, voice over work and two new soundtrack compositions.

"Benjamin's Flight takes place before the events of Thomas Was Alone, and tells the story of the first AI to discover something very dangerous: Hope. Armed with a new jetpack ability, he'll go hunting for the strange glowing light he's long admired from afar," its description reads.

Thomas Was Alone's recently released iPad version received Benjamin's Flight earlier this month. The full game, which PC sales surpassed 1 million copies in April, can be purchased for 60 percent off as part of the Steam sale. For more on Thomas Was Alone, check out our full review and interview with creator Mike Bithell.

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