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Catwoman, Aquaman, Joker get weird and wet in Infinite Crisis 2014 Summer Collection

Three champions from Turbine's Infinite Crisis, the multiplayer online battle arena game that features heroes and villains from DC's multiple universes, get fun and flirty with the tongue-in-cheek Infinite Crisis 2014 Summer Collection.

Selina Kyle as Beach Party Catwoman is outfitted with a wide-brimmed summer hat, black swimsuit and purple sarong, and "she's ready for a dip in the water after her last trip to... First Gotham Bank?" Arthur Curry aka Lifeguard Aquaman sports swimming trunks and "the official Beach Umbrella of Justice in place of his classic trident."

The Joker appears as Summer Laughs Joker. "When he's not kidnapping your loved ones, he's taking the time to enjoy the fruits of summer tourism! (We hear that Gotham City amusement parks are all the rage these days.) Outfitted with a "dashing beach-themed collared shirt, purple shorts, a vintage camera, and his iconic purple hat, this spine-tingling classic look is sure to draw even the most jaded Protector's eyes in the Lost Sectors," his description reads.

The costumes in 2014 Summer Collection are now available in the Infinite Crisis store for 650 Crisis Coins each. Infinite Crisis entered open beta on March 14 after being in a closed beta for 10 months. For more on the game, check out our interview with executive producer Jeffrey Steefel.