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Xbox One 'family sharing' included in monthly update roadmap

Microsoft may still introduce Family Sharing, the ability to share a game library among up to 10 family members, to Xbox One consoles in future updates, head of Xbox Phil Spencer told Gamer Tag Radio in a recent interview.

"We looked at the digital features that we had talked about last year and as a gamer, there were a lot of those features that I think really resonated and were smart features for people who really have a lot of games and maybe play on a couple consoles or have bunch of people in the house or want to share with friends," Spencer said. "As I look at our monthly update roadmap, those kind of features are in our roadmap. There is a little bit of a challenge now that you've got DRM on a disc."

When Microsoft announced in June last year that it was removing the controversial restrictions from its new Xbox console — internet connection requirements and region-locked software — the company's policy reversals resulted in some features such as Family Sharing being removed.

Microsoft corporate vice president Marc Whitten explained the following month that some of those features that were removed as a byproduct, including Family Sharing, could return to Xbox One. Whitten said at the time that the return of features like Family Sharing could happen if it's  "something people are really excited about and want," adding there are some technical issues to resolve for that to happen.

"Taking Family Sharing out of the launch window was not about ‘we're going to take our toys and go home' or something like that," Whitten said. "It was just sort of the logistics of ‘how do we get this very, very clear request that people really want, that choice, and how do we make sure we can do an excellent job of that, get to launch, and then be able to build a bunch of great features?' In the future I think you're going to see the ways that we change how you discover, how you consume, share, play."

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