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Spintires dev planning to add weather, new vehicles and more in continual updates

Spintires developer Oovee Game Studios wants to keep expanding the off-road trucking simulator with features such as weather, new environments, additional vehicles and more, according to a Q&A posted to Reddit earlier this month.

Oovee is planning to provide some content in free updates, but may also charge for add-ons, depending on how much time and work they require to make. Regardless, the studio's main focus is to improve the existing game rather than develop DLC.

Spintires takes place in Russia, and although Oovee will likely add new environments and trucks, the studio wants to remain faithful to Russian locales and vehicles for now; trucks manufactured elsewhere may pop up later in special scenarios. Oovee hopes to increase the environment variety with new maps in future updates, possibly bringing in natural features like cliffs and urban areas (although the studio noted that the latter would require more work).

Different weather conditions are coming: wind and rain, at the very least, are in the cards because they both would have a material effect on the physics of rubber meeting dirt. Winter maps are a possibility as well, but Oovee isn't sure about snow and ice.

One element of Spintires that will remain the same is the map. Right now, it's a separate overlay that players have to pull up, and that's the way Oovee likes it. The studio believes an on-screen mini-map or GPS feature would ruin the experience.

"Oovee is [committed] to constantly upgrading [Spintires]. They will not stop improving it for players," reads the end of the Q&A. Spintires launched two weeks ago on Windows PC via Steam; it is available for $29.99. For more on the game, check out our Overview video below.

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