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Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi to discuss latest project at Japan Expo

Final Fantasy creator and Mistwalker founder Hironobu Sakaguchi will talk about his upcoming project at Japan Expo in July, organizers announced.

The talk is slated for July 2.

"On Wednesday, Hironobu Sakaguchi is sharing the various experiences of his career and his vision of the future of video games during a conference," the announcement reads. "He will also present his latest project, which is kept secret for the time being."

Sakaguchi founded Mistwalker in 2004. The company's past console games include Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon for Xbox 360, and, most recently, The Last Story in 2011 for Wii. The developer more recently focused its efforts on mobile development with Party Wave and Blade Guardian.

Japan Expo takes place in Paris and will features a variety of anime, music and video games. Shigeru Miyamoto will appear as one of the event's 15th anniversary special guests.

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