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YouTube adding support for 60 fps videos, tip jar for fan funding

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

YouTube announced today it's adding two new features that will benefit people who enjoy watching video games online and those who stream games online: 60 frames per second video playback and the option for fans to pay video creators directly through YouTube.

In a post on its Creators blog, YouTube said it plans to "launch support for 48 and even 60 frames per second in the coming months." The company has a handful of videos from Battlefield Hardline and Titanfall (embedded above) that show what 60 fps playback at high definition on YouTube looks like. The move should greatly benefit players who stream and upload video from fighting games, action games, shooters and other high frame rate titles.

YouTube is also offering direct funding support for content creators — name-checking sites like KickStarter and Patreon — and is allowing fans to "contribute money to support your channel at any time, for any reason."

At VidCon in Anaheim, Calif., YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki likened the new fan funding feature to a tip jar for video creators, according to a Mashable report.

"To put it really simply," Wojcicki said, "any viewer can show any creator their viewer their love by tipping them any amount between $1 and $500."

YouTube is currently accepting sign ups for creators who want to utilize fan funding.

The company has a number of other new features planned for YouTube, including viewer-contributed subtitles, a library of sound effects and new interactive info cards.

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