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Hyrule Warriors getting Twilight Princess costume DLC in Japan

The Legend of Zelda-themed hack-and-slash title Hryule Warriors is getting add-on costume content in Japan based on outfits from 2006 title The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, according to a listing on the game's website.

These costumes will be part of the Hyrule Warriors DLC costume sets, some of which will come bundled with special collector's editions of the game — a standard edition, a Premium Box with more DLC outfits and a Treasure Box limited edition. The three announced costume sets are aptly named after the three Triforce pieces: the Courage set, the Wisdom set and the Power set.

Link's green outfit from Twilight Princess (shown above) will be available as part of the Courage set, while Zelda's Twilight Princess garb is included in the Wisdom set. So far these are the only announced costumes; those included in the Power set, which will be featured in the Treasure Box version of the game, have not been revealed.

Whether these costumes will be sold separately or what additional additional costumes may be has yet to be revealed. Hyrule Warriors will launch on Sept. 26 exclusively for Nintendo Wii U.

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