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Mario Kart 8 surpasses 2 million units sold worldwide

Sales of Mario Kart 8, the latest entry in Nintendo's kart racing franchise, hit about 2 million copies worldwide since its release a month ago, Nintendo of America confirmed with Polygon today.

The number, which Nintendo officials said it sold through to consumers, was revealed during the company's 74th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Japan early today.

The title became the fastest selling Wii U game in the console's history when it sold more than 1.2 million copies worldwide since its release May 29 in Japan and May 30 in North America and Europe, Nintendo revealed in early June.

Mario Kart 8 also garnered the "strongest review scores in franchise history," according to the company. While Mario Kart 8's performance is strong, it still may be one of the worst-selling titles in the franchise's history, which you can read more about in our analysis piece on the Mario Kart series.

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