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Drive, Oldboy and Pacific Rim directors weigh in on Metal Gear Solid 5's latest trailer

Metal Gear Solid 5director Hideo Kojima is a self-professed cinephile — "70% of my body is made of movies," his Twitter profile says. For the latest Kojima-directed trailer for The Phantom Pain, he turned to famous film directors for feedback.

The trailer in question features scenes from the upcoming game set to Mike Oldfield's "Nuclear." Filmmakers like Guillermo del Toro, Nicolas Winding Refn and Park Chan-wook were not shy about heaping praise on Kojima's latest creation.

In a testimonial section on the Metal Gear Solid 5 website, Del Toro credits creator Hideo Kojima as a massive inspiration. Avi Arad, founder of Marvel Studios, credits the trailer as being full of "symbolism and philosophy that we come to expect from Mr. Kojima."

"For me, the sight of the Diamond Dogs and Snake putting the ashes on his face with multiple urns make me believe that a lot of history is going to be dealt with," he continued.

Refn compared Kojima's work to "the spirits of Dostoyevsky, Stanley Kubrick and Caravaggio."

"Using the art of gaming as his canvas, he boldly goes where no one has gone before," Refn said. "The trailers for Metal Gear Solid V, prove once again that Hideo Kojima is a master at portraying a wider and more complex view of human nature combined with breathtaking action sequences."

Oldboy director Park Chan-wook added that Kojima's work has attained the level of film quality.

"I have always been thinking that I want to see a film directed by Mr. Kojima, but after seeing the latest trailers for Metal Gear Solid 5, I realised I was wrong," Chan-wook said. "He has actually been making films in his own way already. Metal Gear Solid games are already films, the films of the future."

You can watch the trailer below. For more on Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, check out our in-depth preview from E3.

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