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Cat simulator hits its funding goal, considers PS4 version

Catlateral Damage, the quirky, first-feline swatter that emerged from a game jam, cleared its Kickstarter funding goal of $40,000 with 12 days left and now is considering adding bonus levels and, potentially, a PlayStation 4 version.

Developer Chris Chung announced the stretch goals when the game cleared its target on Thursday. Bonus levels (including a supermarket and a museum) will be added at $48,000 and $56,000, and if the project hits $100,000, Chung will build a PS4 edition, to be released six months after Catlateral Damage arrives on Steam and Ouya. All backers would be able to choose whichever version they prefer.

In Catlateral Damage, the player is a cat and the goal is to knock over as many household items as possible in the alotted time, racking up a higher score as the destruction piles on. A browser-based demo is playable here.

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