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Goat Simulator gets political in its latest content update

The next free content update from Coffee Stain Studios' Goat Simulator takes a political stance against Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Patch 1.1 offers up a new map to the goat simulation game, featuring a model called Put-In Hotel which is decorated in Pride flags as a comment on Russia's passing of laws that slowly remove the rights from the lesbian and gay community.

"We really wanted to piss Putin off, and if he ever plays the game, I hope he'll see it," Armin Ibrisagic from Coffee Stain told Polygon. "We also wanted to make good use of the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of people playing our game that might usually not be interested in this kind of stuff, and reach them in a way they never expected."

Goat Simulator launched on April 1 for Windows PC. Check out our hands-on with the title from GDC 2014 and our recent Overview video for gameplay details and destructive shenanigans.

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