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The Forest - Overview video

The Forest leans heavily on the "survival" half of its survival horror structure.

Imagine if, in games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, you had to build your hiding spots, or craft your weapons using natural resources. Those games probably would have been a lot, lot harder — which, as it so happens, The Forest is. Don't mistake it for a long-running persistent experience, like a Minecraft; you're going to die a lot in The Forest, and be forced to start over, yet again, from scratch. Well, not exactly from scratch. You get an axe and some Pepsi Max to start out with, but those won't get you nearly as far as you might assume.

In today's Overview, Justin and I go lurking in The Forest, attempting to build an unassailable fortress to protect us from our maneating adversaries. We end up poisoning ourselves, setting ourselves on fire and setting up shop in a residential neighborhood with terrible property values, so I wouldn't say we did, like, an awesome job.

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