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PlayStation Vita Pets launch trailer kicks off a canine adventure

PlayStation Vita Pets, the kid-oriented doggy adventure from Liverpool-based Spiral House, launched today on PlayStation Vita, and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment released an exciting new trailer to mark the occasion.

The trailer follows the player character — a puppy, one of four that the player chooses from — through a perilous Indiana Jonesian journey that includes mine cart rides, shaky rope bridges and buried treasure. The dog will remember your face and voice, and it's up to you to take care of the little guy as they attempt to solve a mystery surrounding a king and his canine companion. PlayStation Vita Pets also offers augmented reality games that use the handheld's camera, so you can bring your in-game pet into the real world.

PlayStation Vita Pets is now available in North America for $19.99 on the PlayStation Store. It will launch tomorrow in Europe and the U.K., where it will be available at retail as well as digitally.

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