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Carbine Studios explores Wildstar's new content update in its latest video

Carbine Studio's latest DevSpeak video dives into the first major content patch for its massively multiplayer online game Wildstar, with a look at the gelatinous blobs and new dungeons that make up The Strain update.

Polygon spoke with Carbine's executive producer Jeremy Gaffney earlier last week about the update, which focuses on new and mostly end-game focused material, including two new zones, new gear, player housing options and an open-world dungeon.

The Strain is what Carbine is calling an "ultra drop," the biggest of their several varieties of content patches. While future patches may be designated as the lesser "epic drops" or even mere "regular drops." However, Gaffney promises that no matter the name, each and every one of the monthly content patches will contain a huge amount of gameplay.

"Our eyes are on World of Warcraft," Gaffney said. "That's sitting out there with 10 years worth of content, but they only really do big updates on an expansion-pack basis. We think updates every four months or six months is too slow."

You can check out our full interview right here.

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