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Check out this artist's real-life replica of Saints Row 4's Dubstep Gun

A creative Saints Row 4 fan is currently working on a functioning replica of the game's iconic Dubstep Gun, as shown in a gallery on the user's DeviantArt page.

Those familiar with Saints Row 4 know that the Dubstep Gun isn't your typical projectile shooter; this menacing weapon blasts opponents with sweet tunes and takes them out by dropping the bass. Artist "KazeXenami" is building his replica out of wood and a complex web of circuitry to bring life to the gun's speaker. KazeXenami has also posted several videos to his YouTube channel demonstrating his work, blasting music from the gun's completed speakerbox and showing how all its different parts light up.

Additionally, KazeXenami's Dubstep Gun isn't just another remake of the plastic model that shipping with special collector's editions of Saints Row 4 last year; while the official replica gun is smaller than its in-game counterpart, KazeXenami is building a massive Dubstep Gun to match the size of the goliath players' avatars sling over their shoulders.

For a closer look at each piece of the replica gun, check out KazeXenami's full gallery.

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