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Freedom Wars trailer shows PS Vita monster battles story

Freedom Wars is a multiplayer PlayStation Vita action combat game for up to eight players. And it comes with a story, according to a new trailer, released today.

The monster-battling game begins with its central characters sentenced to a million years incarceration and then proceeds to show heroes battling against a dangerous foe and his gigantic minions. Developed by Sony's Japan Studio along with Shift and Dimps, Freedom Wars was released in Japan last week and is coming to the U.S. later this year.

"My vision was to develop a PS Vita game that took advantage of the handheld system's unique features, enabling gamers to come together via ad-hoc and Wi-Fi to overcome terrifying enemies," said Japan Studio producer Junichi Yoshizawa. "PlayStation has a storied legacy of creating innovative experiences and our collective goal was to create a Vita game that brought gamers together in a socially connected, location-based, co-op experience."

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