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Wil Wheaton and Adrianne Curry stream Gauntlet live later this week

Star Trek alumni Wil Wheaten and America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry will stream live gameplay from Warner Bros. Interactive's Gauntlet live later this week.

Starting on June 5 at 6 pm PST, Wheaton and Curry will be joined by actor Pooch Hall and auntlet record holder Dwayne Richard to show off the title.

The much-loved dungeon crawler born in the arcades of the 1980s will return to PC this summer, it was announced earlier this year.

The game will be completely remade, but many of its familiar features will still return, notably Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard and Elf. The announcement trailer above shows the party bringing down walls and battling against an overwhelming monster horde before making a narrow escape, the basic gameplay seen in the series since its 1985 debut. Each character will have a special attack and other abilities. Dungeons will be procedurally generated.

Arrowhead Game Studios is behind the development of the new Gauntlet. It will launch via Steam for PC. Arrowhead is known for Magicka and Helldivers, titles that, like Gauntlet, feature top-down, co-operative gameplay in an arcade style.

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