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Speed run Super Mario World without playing at all, thanks to this glitch

There is a way to speed run 1990 SNES title Super Mario World so fast that you don't even have to play the game — thanks to a unique glitch that warps Mario right to the end credits.

In the video above, YouTube user "Masterjun3" demonstrates the glitch, which allows the game to be "completed" in just under 42 seconds. Mario starts up his adventure, blasts a few Koopas, then picks up Yoshi and bounces on his merry way. Until he's suddenly gone, leaving Yoshi all alone.

The video shows a weird confluence of events that sends Mario spiraling into the next dimension. Yoshi, a green shell and a fireball all collect in the same corner of the screen, and as Mario jumps off the dinosaur's back to make his getaway, he simply vanishes — to reappear in the end credits, leading Yoshi, Princess Peach (Princess Toadstool in this version) and a line of eggs out of a castle.

According to Masterjun's TAS post on the video, the glitch was achieved by making Yoshi eat a Chuck, forcing the console to execute the last command on the game — in other words, the end credits.

"The problem comes when Yoshi eats a sprite, because if it is a power-up, it should be applied to Mario," he explains. "The game checks if the sprite has a specific property that says the game if it should give Mario a power-up when it is being eaten. Interestingly enough, Chucks have this property! Normally, this isn't a problem because you can't actually eat Chucks because they have another property which ensures that the sprite won't be caught by Yoshi's tongue (it goes right through), making it impossible to get it on Yoshi's tongue and eat it... or is it?"

Watch the video above in slow motion to get a good look at the how the glitch is done.

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