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One Way Trip bringing pre-death hallucinations to PS4, PS Vita

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

One Way Trip, a game that gives players six hallucination-heavy hours to live, is on its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, developer Michael Frauenhofer announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

In One Way Trip, much of the country has been hit with a poison in the water supply; the victims, which include the player character and their brother, will be dead in six hours, and they'll be hallucinating the whole time.

"It's an atmospheric exploration of what it would be like to find out you and most everyone you love is about to die, and then have to process that while your limbs turn into cartoon dolphins," said Frauenhofer.

One Way Trip's story mode will allow players to choose how to spend the last six hours of their lives; it won't be possible to do everything, which is the point — morality and opportunity cost are two of the main themes in the game, according to Frauenhofer. One Way Trip will adapt to the choices you make and the relationships you form; the story and the other characters will change depending on what you do.

"You could end up with anything from a surrealist action-movie-style romp complete with turret sequences to a quiet, meditative philosophical journey where you never fire a single shot," Frauenhofer explained. The developers — Frauenhofer and his mother, Christine, known collectively as Beret — are also building a separate mode for the battle system they've created; it will play out like a wave-based survival mode.

Beret is also hoping to release One Way Trip on Mac and Windows PC, although Frauenhofer told Polygon that the title will likely be available only on PS4 and PS Vita at launch. You can watch a trippy trailer above.

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