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Murdered: Soul Suspect - Overview video

We're probably never going to get that game adaptation of Ghost we've been dreaming about, but Murdered: Soul Suspect will do in a pinch.

The game is kind of like a noir detective version of the Swayze classic — a man is murdered, and attempts to thwart the killer using all manner of spectral powers. There aren't any erotic pottery sequences (that we've encountered), as the game focuses more on investigation and crime-solving mechanics, with the occasional Ghost Trick-esque environmental puzzle thrown in for color. The more I'm describing it, actually, the less it sounds like Ghost, though maybe there's a Whoopi Goldberg cheat code just waiting to be discovered.

In today's Overview, Danielle and I attempt to guide our fedora'd hero through the haunts of Salem, Massachusetts, as we try to find our own killer. My money's on that no-good Carl Bruner — the discrepancies in the bank accounts he's managing seem a little too convenient, don't they?

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