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Xbox One developers now have more power to make games look better, says Microsoft

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The latest version of the Xbox One software development kit gives developers increased bandwidth for graphics processing, said Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, on Twitter today.

With more GPU bandwidth, said Spencer, developers can take advantage of "more performance, new tools and flexibility to make games better."

It's unclear if this increase in GPU bandwidth is related to Microsoft's decision to unbundle the Xbox One's Kinect from the console. In an interview with Polygon on the day of that announcement, Xbox executive Yusuf Mehdi said Microsoft was looking into making changes to the Xbox One's software architecture, since the console reserved some processing power for Kinect. However, that was tied to the CPU, not the GPU.

Prior to the Xbox One's launch, Microsoft made performance upgrades to the console's hardware, boosting the clock speed of both the GPU and the CPU.

Microsoft also released the June 2014 software update for the Xbox One today, adding new features like the ability to put games and apps on an external hard drive and use real names on Xbox Live.