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OnLive streaming app coming to Mad Catz' Mojo Android console

Cloud gaming and streaming service OnLive is coming to Mad Catz' Mojo Android micro-console, the companies announced today.

Onlive's Android app has been optimized for the Mojo.The app, free through the Google Play store, allows users to stream PC games with Online's service and play them through through the Mojo. Users will be able to play more than 250 games as part of OnLive's PlayPack game service bundle, or stream games from their own libraries using the CloudLift feature.

The OnLive Android app is also compatible with the Mad Catz CTRLR Mobile Gamepad, which can be used to play games with the Mojo.

"We designed Mojo to a high specification, as we conceived the platform to grow and evolve, encompassing new features and services over time" Mad Catz president and CEO Darren Richardson said in a press statement. "With the new generation of Cloud Gaming that OnLive heralds, gamers can now play AAA and PC Steam-purchased games in high-definition through their Mojo. With our dedicated CTRLR, we can move the high-end gaming experience away from the desktop PC and into the living room."

Mad Catz' Mojo Android console launched last December and costs $249.99. Earlier this spring, Mad Catz announced that it would also be bringing content from fellow Android mini-console Ouya to its Mojo.