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Free-to-play shooter Loadout will be a PS4 console exclusive

Free-to-play gun-building shooter Loadout is coming to PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive, developer Edge of Reality announced on the PlayStation Blog.

In Loadout — which launched for Windows PC earlier this year —players can build their own guns from hundreds of different individual parts, as well as share their builds with other players. These guns are then toted into "violently comedic" matches peppered with other explosive oddities like bomb rockets and giant death beams.

According to the post by creative director Mark Nau, the scope and balance for the "literally billions of different weapon combinations" are being tweaked for the PS4 release. Artwork and animations are also being polished to take advantage of the PS4's graphical power.

Loadout on PS4 will launch at an unspecified date. The PC version is currently available through Steam.