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Natsume reveals its E3 2014 lineup, including its first Wii U game

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Natsume announced its E3 2014 lineup today, which includes games from the Harvest Moon and Reel Fishing franchises.

Games set to appear next week include:

  • Alphadia Genesis!, the company's first Wii U game, which stars an adventuring guild member and a knight
  • A-Train: City Simulator, a hybrid city/train simulator for Nintendo 3DS
  • End of Serenity, the Japanese role-playing game coming to PSP through the PlayStation Network
  • Gabrielle’s Monstrous Duel!, an iOS game where players take on waves of zombies (pictured above)
  • Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, the farm simulation role-playing game for 3DS
  • Hometown Story: Pocket, an iOS version of the Harvest Moon series successor focused on running your shop
  • Ninja Strike!, a sequel to the Ninja Climb that trades climbing for dashing and is headed to iOS
  • Reel Fishing: Master’s Challenge, a PlayStation Vita version of the fishing simulator
  • Reel Fishing Pocket 2: Ocean, which is headed to iOS

Earlier this week, Natsume announced it would unveil three new games for Nintendo platforms around E3. Natsume revealed the first game, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, yesterday. Alphadia Genesis! above is the second.

2014 will take place June 10-12 in Los Angeles, and Polygon will be there to bring you all the news. In the meantime, you can press play below to see some predictions.