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Turtle Beach is launching a membership program for competitive and pro-gamers

Turtle Beach, long-time developers of gaming headsets, announced today the launch of the Elite Membership Program which will offer benefits and discounts for anyone who buys an Elite gaming headset.

The new membership program gives members a two year extended product warranty on items, early access to news and product information, concierge service, discounts on other Turtle Beach products and opportunities at Major League Gaming tournaments.

"The Turtle Beach Elite Membership Program is an exclusive offering for tournament professionals and competitive gamers," said Bob Picunko, chief marketing officer at Turtle Beach. "The Elite program will offer a range of benefits and access to unique gaming-related opportunities."

The membership program will launch alongside the release of the first Elite products, which is slated to hit stores this fall. These new headsets will make their debut during this year's E3 conference next week, and are said to be designed specifically to meet the needs of professional tournament and elite competitive players.