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Divinity: Original Sin is delayed by 10 days, launching June 30

Divinity: Original Sin, Larian Studios' isometric-styled role-playing game, is delayed by just over a week with a new release date set for June 30 on Windows PC, the developer announced today.

Original Sin was last slated to hit June 20, according to an announcement made earlier this year. The game has already been delayed twice, after first being expected to launch in November 2013 then later being delayed to February, and again spring 2014.

At the time, studio head Swen Vincke told Polygon that: "there's not much to add really  it's taking more time because we're integrating a lot of the suggestions that were made and we don't want to rush it. It's a big game."

According to the company today, the game has been through rigorous testing through Steam Early Access and are aiming to bring a few more finishing touches to the game before launch. "The team wants to deliver the best possible game at release, rather than a game they're not 100 percent happy with, and will use the extra time to add voice-overs for a range of characters, as well as a number of bug fixes to make for a well-polished experience," a company representative confirmed today.

Original Sin is, however, still available for users who purchased the game via Steam Early Access. Divinity: Original Sin is in development on Windows PC, with Linux and Mac versions coming at some point in the future. We're reaching out to Larian for more details on the delay, and will update this article with any information we receive.

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