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Bit.Trip studio Gaijin Games changes its name to Choice Provisions for new IP

Gaijin Games, the studio best known for its Bit.Trip franchise, is getting a name change in line with the release of two new IPs, the developer announced today.

For the launch of news titles outside of the Bit.Trip series, Gaijin will now be known as Choice Privisions. The Gaijin Games name will still be used if the studio decides to release a new Bit.Trip title, however, as well as for the Runner2, Lilt Line and Bloktonik franchises.

The company has also announced the first games to come out of its Choice Divisions label: Laserlife and Tharsis. Laserlife, where players guide a series of lasers to the beat of an electronic soundtrack, will launch first on Steam. Tharsis, on the other hand, will come to both Steam and iOS devices. Tharsis uses a six-sided dice to model emergencies, repairs, research, collaboration and futility on Mars, with low air, no supplies and an electrical fire in the greenhouse.

Additionally, the company's Robotube development label is also getting a name change. Robotube, which was purchased by Gaijin in 2011 to develop creative and experimental titles, will now be known as MiniVisions. Its upcoming releases Woah Dave! and Destructamundo are slated to launch this summer.

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