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World of Warships' E3 trailer shows how to ride out, and fight against, the storm

Developer Wargaming shared a new cinematic trailer for its upcoming massively multiplayer online naval warfare title, World of Warships, detailing how the titular ships fare in a storm against the waves — and each other.

The trailer above, called "The Storm," shows American battleships the USS North Carolina, USS Fletcher and the USS Somers destroyers up against the Japanese Aoba cruiser and Fubuki destroyer in a raging storm. This shows just one of the kind of battles players will engage in while playing Warships.

In August 2011, Wargaming announced World of Warships as World of Battleships in August 2011. One year later the name was changed to Warships. The MMO — which entered closed alpha testing in fall 2013 — will be similar in gameplay to Wargaming's other vehicular combat MMOs, World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, except, of course, at sea.

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