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Watch Dogs Easter egg satirizes console camera spying fears

Watch Dogs players have the opportunity to spy on someone using a method that may hit a little too close to home for gamers — Ubisoft's open-world title features the ability to infiltrate an NPC's living room using a device that apes Microsoft's Kinect camera.

The Easter egg, spotted by Eurogamer, shows a young, swear-spouting young man being observed by protagonist Aiden Pearce through his "Kinekt" peripheral while playing what appears to be a particularly grueling game. The video above outlines where to find this NPC and how to get him.

Early last year, after the announcement of the Xbox One and its required Kinect camera, consumers began raising question of users' privacy in relation to the peripheral. Users were concerned about having an always-on camera in their living room, always watching and listening. Microsoft went so far as to issue a privacy statement regarding the peripheral and outlining when and how it will use player data.

Last month, Microsoft announced it would begin selling a Kinect-less Xbox One for $399 in June, $100 cheaper than the model that comes bundled with the camera. Polygon took a look at Microsoft's treatment of the Xbox One's Kinect since the console's unveiling last May, tracing in the company's own words the shift from being required to being optional.