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Soul Sacrifice Delta's first free update brings new quests and demons

The first update for Soul Sacrifice Delta, the new version of monster hunting game Soul Sacrifice, adds new quests, demons to tackle and costumes, Sony Computer Entertainment America producer Kumi Yuasa announced via the PlayStation Blog.

The game's new content is cross-over DLC from Omega Force's action game Toukiden: The Age of Demons. Once players have updated, they'll gain access to the Otherworld Pacts and Additional Pacts section for new quests. Players will also have the chance to face off against a new type of Archfiend, Bahamuts.

"Bahamuts are complex creatures: though very elusive, they will simply not show up without another Archfiend in the vicinity," Yuasa wrote. "So be prepared if one invites itself to one of your quests as the reward for defeating it and completing the quest will be worth the effort indeed!"

Those who download the update will also gain access to accessories and outfits inspired by Wild Arms' Dream Chasers, as well as Toukiden's Mononofu costume.

The Toukiden cross-over isn't the first; Soul Sacrifice received free DLC in Japan last year. For more on Soul Sacrifice Delta, check out our interview with creator Keiji Inafune. You can also read our review on the original game.