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Twitch's iOS app introduces audio-only mode

Twitch's iTunes app has added an audio-only mode that will continue playing audio if the device is locked or the app is put in the background. The mode was introduced with the latest update to the mobile app.

The feature now makes listening to Twitch streams more convenient, not to mention safer for those who do so while driving.

The feature is activated from the video options menu in the video players. When activated, the broadcast will continue to play when users tap the device's power button. From the lock screen, users may pause the playback, adjust the volume, and view broadcast information. There is also a toggle to have the Twitch app automatically switch to audio only mode when the device is locked.

Asked in comments on the official blog when this feature would come to Twitch's Android app, a Twitch representative said, "our Android app is getting a lot of internal attention. I can't give ETAs but, I think for those platform users you will be pretty darn happy when you see what we are doing."

For those tuning in on the go, Twitch recently released the four-day schedule of livestreams it will be carrying from this week's E3 2014.

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