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Long-delayed game based on loss of loved-ones reborn as PS Vita free-to-play title

Reaper, an action role playing platformer, is coming the PlayStation Vita as a free-to-play title, creative director Luc Bernard announced on the PlayStation blog.

According to Bernard the game will feature a multiplayer component but the team is "still thinking about how it will work" and "making sure the single player is amazing." Reaper's story was inspired by experiences in his life while developing it and focusses on "what it is to lose important people in one's life, in different ways."

"For example I want to show you Death's backstory, one of the main characters," Bernard wrote. "For as long as she can remember, Death has worked tirelessly to take the lives and souls of humans. Constantly ending the lives of innocents and corrupt alike began to take its toll on her and she soon grew lonely and depressed. Eventually, she fell in love with a mortal man. After much debate with her sisters, she chose to disobey them and granted her lover immortality and in doing so, created the first Reaper."

The game includes a card system that features more than 100 different cards to collect with more expected to be introduced in the future. Weapon and armor cards offer different gear with unique abilities and summons cards produce huge creatures that "damage everything on screen." Pets follow and attack nearby enemies for players, while spell cards allow users to cast fire, spines and more.

Reaper was initially announced in 2010 for Playstation Portable but development was put on hold until now. You can learn about Reaper in the trailer below.

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