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Republique's first episode, Exordium, is free until June 12

The first episode of Republique, Exordium, is currently available as a free download for iOS via the iTunes App Store, developer Camouflaj announced.

Republique is a stealth-action, story-driven game set in a dystopian world of government surveillance. After hacking into a surveillance network, players help guide an imprisoned woman named Hope to freedom.

The game was developed by a team of industry veterans whose past work includes Metal Gear Solid 4, Black & White 2 and F.E.A.R. Republique features touch controls, puzzles and voice work from actors such as Jennifer Hale, David Hayter and Dwight Schultz.

The game's second episode, Metamorphosis, was released in April for $4.99; three more episodes are expected. For more on Republique, check out our review.

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