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Dear Sony: You're No. 1 but Microsoft is coming for you. Let's talk about E3

Sony, you’re in a good place. You’re the best-selling next-generation console, your hardware is more powerful than the competition while being less expensive, and your actions have all but completely dismantled Microsoft’s strategies for the Xbox One.

The Kinect is gone, a price drop happened much faster than anyone was expecting, and the Xbox One’s best game was given away in a bundle to try to goose sales.

It takes many good moves to put Microsoft so thoroughly on the defensive, but what now? What do we want you to do at E3? You don’t need to drop the price of the PlayStation 4, although that would be great if you want to broaden your user base at an even faster pace.

Here's an idea: get aggressive on the Vita and show it off as a must-have accessory for the PlayStation 4. I’m in Polygon’s work space and one of my coworkers is playing a game streaming from his home system on his Vita. It looks amazing, and lag is not nearly as bad as you’d expect.

The value of having both systems is pretty great, and it’s something I’m using more and more

You should talk about that more, it’s pretty amazing, and Microsoft doesn’t have anything that can compete with it. If the Vita doesn’t take off as a pure portable gaming system, you may be able to move more units selling it as a portable PlayStation 4 terminal. It’s a neat way to use the hardware, and playing PlayStation 4 games in my bed with the Vita while the system is in the basement is a whole lot of fun.

Let’s drop the price on the Vita, or get that bundle out, and really push how great a system it is for indie games and with your PlayStation 4. The value of having both systems is pretty great, and it’s something I’m using more and more. Let’s spread the word!

What games will you show?

I’m open for surprises, and showing new Last Guardian content would be a great way to drop the mic and really drive home your advantage. That game is pretty much mythical at this point, and the constant rumors have almost become their own joke.

Put a flag on it and let everyone know that it’s happening, and it’s going to kick ass. Or just let us know it’s dead. Either way, fans care deeply, and we’re tired of being jerked around. E3 is starting to feel like a yearly date where we know we are likely to be stood up. That's not a good way to treat people who care about you.

Some people will say your focus on indie games won’t do much to sell systems and in the grand scheme of things they’re not very profitable, and both of those things may be true, but the value of inviting more developers onto your ecosystem and allowing them to try new things on your platform is going to pay off.

That's not a good way to treat people who care about you

You never know what game is going to turn into the next big thing, and it doesn’t take much to invest heavily in indies. You’re already leading the path in this area, so don’t step back and chase bigger games.

Giving smaller, more interesting games a home has been a part of your strategy since the PlayStation 3. Don’t stop now! The indie devs you invite on stage and promote become evangelists for your brand, and I can’t wait to see what else you’ll be doing in the indie space this year.

You have a bit of breathing room in the industry due to your lead; invite the smaller devs to come celebrate with you. They're going to do more interesting things with your hardware than the huge publishers who release giant games that may look a tiny bit better on your platform.

It's time to see the new Uncharted, because that series has always shown what the hardware can do, while delivering some of the best stories and writing in the business. It might be cool to see a new Jak and Daxter? Your audience has made you number one so far in this console generation. Time to give them the good shit they've been waiting for.

Also, don't wait for the Oculus Rift to prove VR is a thing before you invest in Project Morpheus. Take a leadership position and give us a price and release date. I doubt you'll do this, but man it would be cool. Just talking as friends, here. That's what I would dig.

Microsoft is giving more power to developers, the Xbox One will soon be at the same price as you, and I guarantee Microsoft is willing to spend a ton of money on exclusive content to try to take you down. This is your chance to keep your lead, show us cool things, and drive home why your strategy has been the dominant one. See you soon.