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Transistor soundtrack sold 48,000 copies in first ten days

Transistor's soundtrack sold 48,000 copies in its first ten days on sale, according to a report in The New York Post.

The Supergiant Games EP soundtrack was created by composer Darren Korb with Brooklyn-based band Control Group. Transistor is the story of a gifted and popular musician who finds a powerful sword, which has its own voice.

In its review of the game, Polygon noted that its soundtrack is one of the highlights. "As beautiful and evocative as the visuals in Transistor are, it's the game's use of music and voice acting that set it apart aesthetically," stated the review.

Describing his creative process, Korb said that he "tried to create a genre for myself to work within, which I ended up calling 'Old-world Electronic Post-rock.'" He added, "After a lot of experimentation, I zeroed in on electric guitars, harps, accordions, mandolins, electric piano, and synth pads as some of the primary textures in the game. Each of these instruments tries to express some component of that genre mash-up."

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