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Resogun is getting new modes and a ship editor this month

PlayStation 4 release Resogun is getting additional content in the form of the Heroes expansion and patch, Sony announced today.

Heroes introduces two new modes, Survival and Demolition. With Survival, players enter an endless mode that retains the core mechanics of the Arcade mode with a few changes including scoring and the addition of parachutes for human characters. Also added to Survival mode is a new day/night cycle.

With Demolition mode, described by Housemarque developer Mikael Haveri as "Arkanoid meets Resogun," players get a wrecking ball that can be manipulated to demolish things that get in their way. Special pickups are also available, including multi balls, extra balls, ball launching and ball level ups.

In addition to chaotic bombardment throughout the game, players can only use limited proximity explosions as their weapon and will not have access to boosts, overdrive or bombs.

On top of this, Resogun owners will get the Ship Editor and Local Co-Op mode for free.

The patch goes live on June 23, with the Heroes expansion scheduled to launch on June 24 for $4.99. Those who don't have Resogun can purchase the game for a discounted price of $9.99 from June 24 to July 7.

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