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Killer Instinct: Season 2 hits this fall with TJ Combo, teases Cinder

Killer Instinct's second season will arrive this fall with fighter T.J. Combo, Microsoft revealed during its E3 2014 pre-show.

The trailer shows T.J. Combo going up against the first season's eighth and final add-on character, the cyborg knight Fulgore, who was introduced with an update in April. Featuring in past Killer Instinct installments, T.J. Combo was a five-time undisputed heavyweight champion. He was stripped of his titles for using cybernetic enhancements in his arms. T.J. Combo's signature moves in past Killer Instinct titles were Rolling Thunder, Powerline, Flying Knee, Upward Knee, Tremor, Winding Uppercut and Spinning Backhand.

The trailer ends with a teaser appearance from Cinder, a fighter that featured in original Killer Instinct. Cinder has a plasma-like body with fire-based signature moves. The 6.8 GB Fulgore update in April was produced by the title's former developer Double Helix Games, which was acquired by Amazon in February. Microsoft has since brought a new developer onto the title, Iron Galaxy Studios, developer of Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike Online Edition and Divekick.

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