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Criterion's next game has helicopters, jet skis parachutes and more

Criterion Games announced today it is working on a new game that features helicopters, jet skis, parachutes, boats, cars and more.

The studio is best known for its work on the Burnout car racing game series and, most recently, Need for Speed: Rivals. It has traditionally made games involving cars. With its upcoming title, which is yet to be named, the development team drew inspiration from YouTube videos filmed from the first-person perspective by people partaking in various extreme sports.

In prototype footage shown at the Electronic Arts E3 press conference, the developer said players will ride various vehicles from the first-person view and experience a variety of different terrains, from snow-covered mountains to dense woods and cityscapes.

Criterion's co-founders left the company earlier this year to start an independent studio, and the many of its staff moved to Ghost Games U.K. in late 2013.

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