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No Man's Sky is headed to PS4

No Man's Sky, Joe Danger developer Hello Games' procedurally generated space exploration game, is coming to PlayStation 4, Sony announced during Sony's E3 2014 press event.

Sony accompanied the announcement with a trailer that began on a planet's surface, complete with foliage and extra terrestrial wildlife and took the the stars and planets, which were discovered and named by other players.

Revealed last December during Spike's VGX event, the developers pitched a game where "every atom" is created within the game by the game's engine. In No Man's Sky, players will be able to explore planets and solar systems. Every player will begin on a different planet, Hello Games founder Sean Murray explained on stage. Because the game is procedurally generated, its developers "don't even know what's out there," he said.

For more on Hello Games, whose Guilford U.K. offices flooded last Christmas Eve, be sure to read our interview with founder Murray, who also took to Sony's stage tonight to talk about the game.

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