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Dota 2 Live Rewind feature and other Compendium rewards now available

Valve unlocked several Compendium rewards today, in-game perks that unlock for Compendium owners as The International's growing prize pool hits stretch goals, including the Live Rewind feature that allows spectators to pause and rewind a live game.

"With this update, we're also introducing Live Rewind, allowing you to pause, rewind, and jump around the timeline when spectating any live game," the update reads. "Saw an awesome team fight? Rewind and watch it again and again. Need to grab a drink while your favorite team is playing? Pause the match and resume when you get back."

The Live Rewind feature rolled out was one of several Compendium rewards unlocked today. Newly unlocked rewards include the Mini-Pudge courier, 25 chat emoticons, weather effects and more. Those who purchase a copy will receive all present and future rewards, such as  couriers, immortal items, battle booster, stat tracking and a taunt for the upcoming Techies hero.

Valve launched the official digital program for The International 2014 championships in May. For every sale of the $10 program, which offers fans a way to keep up to date with competitors and matches, $2.50 is contributed to the prize pool. The International's prize pool shot past $10 million earlier this week thanks to Compendium sales. The tournament's finals will run July 18-21 at Key Arena in Seattle.

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