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Grand Theft Auto's latest update honors America, truck yeah

Not only is it on time for Independence Day, it's on time for another grand ironic celebration of patriotism — the United States' World Cup match with Belgium this afternoon. The latest update to Grand Theft Auto Online lets players cloak themselves in Old Glory, fire a musket and, most importantly, drive a monster truck.

The Liberator (pictured) joins the Sovereign motorcycle as new vehicles, and now a musket and firework rocket launcher are available at Ammu-Nation, where GTAers have stocked up on firearms and jingoism since 2001.

But wait, there's more. Pleasure Pier gets two new rides, the Ferris Whale and Leviathan roller coaster. Seven new properties are also available for purchase. For costumes, a variety of shirts and masks are available, in addition to a "backwoods mullet" hairstyle.

All of this stuff is going to be available until mid-July (a specific expiration date will be announced soon.) It will be installed with version update 1.15, which also delivers the ability to accept a Job invitation, continue playing in Freemode, and then join the Job lobby once it fills up, reducing time spent idle.

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