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Crimsonland coming to PS4 on July 15

10tons Ltd's dual-stick top-down shooter Crimsonland is coming to PlayStation 4 on July 15, the developer announced in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

According to the post by PR coordinator Jaakko Maaniemi, the PS4 version of Crimsonland is an update to the original, which launched for PC in 2003. Players control a Trooper who must face off against aliens, zombies, giant spiders and other creatures with nothing but a gun as they run at you in hordes. Players can collect power-ups that will empty the screen of enemies but will cause the next horde to be larger.

"Crimsonland is also the game 10tons was founded on all the way back in 2003," he wrote. "It started as a student project, but soon reached a level of success that a company was needed to support it. The PS4 version at hand is still largely the same game. Sure, the graphics have been replaced with new HD assets, content has been added and design tweaks made, but the immensely satisfying gameplay remains intact."

Crimsonland includes 30 different weapons to collect as well as 55 perks — the ability to reload faster and shoot poisonous bullets, for example — and 60 campaign missions across three difficulty settings. Players can also test their mettle in five survival gameplay modes and keep track of each other's scores on leaderboards that track single-player and local co-op with up to four players.

Crimsonland also passed through Steam Greenlight last fall.

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