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Pokémon now has a dedicated iTunes channel for cartoons, music and apps

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Pokémon fans now have access to a one-stop channel on iTunes for all things related to the franchise, The Pokémon Company International announced this morning.

Available now,émon features official Pokemon content including episodes of the cartoon TV show, Pokémon-related apps like the Pokémon TV and Pokédex apps, and a listing of soundtracks from the Pokémon games. Content available through the Pokémon channel is also playable across all iOS devices.

To kick off the launch ofémon, the four-part cartoon special Pokémon Origins as well as episodes from the latest series, Pokémon the Series: XY, are available today. New episodes of XY will be added to the store on a weekly basis.

The Pokémon Company also recently announced that the series is getting its own orchestral concert tour. For more details on who The Pokémon Company is, check out our recent in-depth look at the corporation.

The Pokémon-athon:

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