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See Hyrule Warriors' first original fighter Lana in action

The latest trailer for Koei Tecmo's The Legend of Zelda-themed hack-and-slash Hyrule Warriors introduces newcomer Lana, a sorceress who uses magic spells to sweep away her opponents.

The trailer above shows Lana in action, summoning spells from a tome she carries. Lana can create glass-like structures that allow her to flit above her sea of enemies, then shatter these structures to disband them — turning them into piles of rupees, Hyrule's famous currency.

In addition to some light punching and kicking, Lana can also summon giant cubes and build walls that squash and push enemies back, giving her numerous tactics for quickly clearing the battlefield.

Hyrule Warriors will launch exclusively for Wii U on Sept. 26. Check out Tecmo's previous trailers, which feature Link, Impa and Zelda in action.

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