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Watch Dogs' single-player gets new missions and weapons today

New single-player missions are available for Watch Dogs, along with a handful of additional weapons, bonuses and perks for protagonist Aiden Pierce, Ubisoft announced today.

Players can unlock new goodies in one of three additional challanges. In the Palace mission, players must break into the luxury home of an internet mogul who has dirt on Aiden and Dedsec and is slated for a police raid. Aiden must wipe his hard drive clean, escape before the raid occurs and take out the mogul. The Signature mission is a little less intricate, but involves stealing and taking ownership of a powerful biometrics weapon that only works for the first person to imprint his palm on the handle. The final mission, Breakthrough, requires Aiden to locate and destroy surveillance scramblers set up around a secret gathering of corporate CEOs and the Chicago South Side Club. Then Aiden must take out everyone in the meeting.

Weapons included in the new DLC pack include the aforementioned Biometric Rifle and an Auto-6 pistol. A new Dedsec battery boost gives Aiden's phone a longer battery life and the Blume weapon boost allows faster reloading and less recoil for all weapons. The Driving Master boost improves vehicle hit points and the ATM Hack boost nets Aiden more money when hacking bank accounts at ATMs. Players also get the South Chicago outfit.

The above content is available on its own for $6.99 and is included as part of the $19.99 Watch Dogs season pass.

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