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Sony re-wrote its E3 PS4 script after seeing the response to Xbox One, says Andrew House

After seeing the negative response to Microsoft's Xbox One launch, Sony's Andrew House re-wrote some of the script that would later be used during the company's PlayStation 4 presentation at E3 2013, he revealed during this year's Develop conference.

According to the Sony Computer Entertainment head, the script was the result of reading concerns that PlayStation would eventually follow Microsoft's lead and adopt similarly restrictive policies. At the time of the Xbox One's reveal, Microsoft confirmed its initial policies regarding Digital Rights Management and used games.

However, House notes that Sony's policies didn't change at any point.

"It made us feel a little bit clearer about our message," he said during his presentation this week, "when a lot of the negativity was emerging around DRM issues and used games. I remember reading an article literally the weekend before E3 that was basically saying that this is the direction Microsoft was taking and that it was only a matter of time before Sony adopts the same approach.

"That sort of put me on the back foot and I went and re-wrote portions of my E3 presentation script that weekend and we re-crafted the presentation because there was now an onus on us not to be seen to be going down the same path."

Sony VP of Worldwide Studios Scott Rohde made similar comments to Polygon last year, telling us that the PS4's price point and DRM policies were not created in response to the earlier Xbox One reveal.

"I literally have goosebumps right now, because that was always our plan," Rohde told us at the time. "It's something that we believe in. We know gamers come first; we know what they want. I was personally overwhelmed with the massive explosion on Twitter, with everyone essentially begging, 'Please don't do this Sony, please don't do this PlayStation!' It was so hard not to say, right away, 'Well, we never were going to do that, but now let's have a little fun and announce it in a fun way at the PlayStation press conference.'

"Could not believe how much the roof came down with that applause," Rohde added. "It was awesome."

Sony also announced that the PS4 would launch for $399, a good $100 cheaper than the price announced by Microsoft this morning for its Xbox One console. Again, Rohde said Sony had set that lower price well in advance of its competitors.

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