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Watch Child of Light's Igniculus illuminate the watercolor world from a smartphone

You can control Child of Light's firefly companion Igniculus with your smartphone, thanks to technology created by Roccat Studios.

Press play above to see the Igniculus Mobile Controller in action, as a second player flies Aurora's sidekick using a phone and the other player uses an Xbox 360 controller on a PC.

The game uses Roccat's Power-Grid technology, which lets users create a customizable controller for their PC. The Power-Grid requires a free plug-in for Child of Light control. Other applications for the second screen technology include launching sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, monitoring your PC's status and and performing actions like shutting it down and putting it to sleep. Power-Grid available as a free download from Roccat's official site.

For more on developer Ubisoft Montreal's Japanese role-playing game-inspired title, which is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC, be sure to read Polygon's Child of Light review and watch the Overview video below. You can learn more about Roccat's other products in our coverage of its lapboard designed for living-room gaming.

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