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GameStop may fund exclusive content, but won't be part of creative process, says CEO

GameStop is looking into funding the development of exclusive video game content, but what the company won't do is get involved in the creative process of making that content, said CEO Paul Raines in an interview with Time.

Following a report earlier this week that GameStop would be getting into this field, a representative for the company confirmed that it was working with publishers and developers to fund physical and digital content. Retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses have become a staple of the game industry, with major stores like GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy competing for DLC.

"When you think about the business of gaming and the cost of developing games, we think there's an opportunity to put capital at risk with publishers and developers in exchange for exclusive content that would be distributed through our online platforms, in stores, our download business, et cetera," Raines told Time. He noted that the discussions are "very early on."

Raines clarified that funding the creation of GameStop-exclusive items wouldn't entail actually partaking in the development process. Instead, the retail giant is only interested in financially supporting the development of that content and bringing it to its massive base of customers, which includes more than 34 million PowerUp Rewards members worldwide.

"You won't see us involved in the creative process. That's not something we do well," said Raines.

"I think we'd be foolish to tell developers how to develop games or publishers how to bring product to market. That's what they do extremely well. What we'll do well is put capital at risk and help distribute and connect with PowerUp Rewards customers. That's really the extent of what we're talking about," he continued.

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