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The second day of The International Dota 2 World Championships is complete - here are the results

After another day of Valve's The International Dota 2 world championships is complete, with some truly impressive games - and, for some teams, more heartbreak.

If you're looking for major performances to watch, wild card seed Team Liquid's early morning domination of Fnatic was especially impressive, and Na'vi turned in an amazing game against Cloud 9 in series 11.  Meanwhile, Arrow managed to break their losing streak late in the day, and Titan displayed an amazing shutdown of Na'vi's teamfight strategy in series 12. But the biggest jawdropper today may have been the endgame of Na'Vi.US vs.IG in series 14.

You can find yesterday's results here.

Today's game-by-game results:

Series 10

IG vs Mousesports (winner: IG)

Liquid vs. Fnatic (winner: Liquid)

Empire vs. Na'vi.US (winner: Empire)

Titan vs. Newbee (winner: Titan)

Series 11

Evil Geniuses vs. IG (winner: IG)

Na'Vi vs Cloud 9 (winner: Na'Vi)

Arrow vs Team DK (winner: DK)

LGD vs ViCi (winner: ViCi)

Series 12

LGD vs. Fnatic (winner: LGD)

Titan vs. Na'Vi (winner: Titan)

Mousesports vs. Alliance (winner: Alliance)

ViCi vs. Na' (winner: ViCi)

Series 13

Empire vs. Liquid (winner: Liquid)

Titan vs. Arrow (winner: Titan)

DK vs. Cloud9 (winner: DK)

NewBee vs. Evil Geniuses (winner: Evil Geniuses)

Series 14

LGD vs. Liquid (winner: LGD)

Na'Vi.US vs. IG (winner: Na'Vi.US)

Mousesports vs. DK (winner: DK)

Empire vs. Alliance (winner: Alliance)

Series 15

ViCi vs. Fnatic (winner: ViCi)

Cloud9 vs. NewBee (winner: NewBee)

Arrow vs. Mousesports (winner: Mousesports)

Na'vi vs Evil Geniuses (winner: Evil Geniuses)

Series 16

DK vs. Empire (winner: DK)

Alliance vs. Na'Vi.US (winner: Alliance)

Liquid vs. Cloud9 (winner: Cloud9)

Titan vs. IG (winner: IG)

Series 17

ViCI vs. NewBee (winner: ViCi)

Na'Vi.US vs. Arrow (winner: Arrow)

Na'Vi vs. LGD (winner: Na'vi)

Alliance vs. Fnatic (winner: Fnatic)

Series 18

NewBee vs. Mousesports (winner: NewBee)

Liquid vs. Arrow (winner: Arrow)

Empire vs. IG (winner: Empire)

Evil Geniuses vs. Titan (winner: Evil Geniuses)

Overall team standings after Phase Two, day two:

1. ViCi (7-1)

2. Team DK (6-3)

2. Evil Geniuses (6-3)

2. iG (6-3)

5. Na'Vi (5-3)

6. Cloud9 (5-4)

6. Titan (5-4)

6. Liquid (5-4)

9. NewBee (5-5)

10. Alliance (4-5)

10. Fnatic (4-5)

10. Na'Vi.US (4-5)

13. Empire (3-6)

13 LGD (3-6)

15. Mousesports (2-7)

16. Arrow (2-8)

You can read more about Dota 2 in our editorial about MOBAs in the age of AAA shooter fatigue here.

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